This statement provides information about how our office handles personal data that are processed in the context of our activities and services.

Our contact details

Naam Office:           Core Notariaat B.V.
Adress:                  Rietlandpark 301
Zipcode / City:      1019 DW Amsterdam

Our services
Our office only requests your personal data for the following purposes:

  • carrying out assignments for advice or other services;
  • to comply with statutory duties and obligations; or
  • for the purposes that you specifically consent to.

Your data will not be processed for other purposes without your consent. Personal data are requested for the drafting of a notarial deed or for the execution of another assignment.

Rules on personal data with notarial deeds
If our office draws up a notarial deed with your personal data, the civil-law notary must comply with legal rules. This affects the processing of personal data:

  1. The civil-law notary must provide certain personal information in the deed. Your data is therefore processed on a legal basis.
  2. The notary must preserve the signed deed with your personal data forever.
  3. As soon as the deed has been signed by the civil-law notary, it becomes an official proof. Then nothing can be changed, even if the personal details are not correct. If changes are necessary, the notary must make a new deed containing the change.
  4. The notary must check certain (personal)details in the Basic Registrations Persons (BRP), Commercial Register and Land Registry.
  5. The notary is obliged to check your identity. He must request a valid proof of identity from you. The notary is one of the few who may also copy this, with all the information on it.
  6. Your personal data is covered by the professional secrecy of the notary. Unauthorized persons do not have access to the data.

Advice and other services
The processing of personal data by our office means that we process personal data that is necessary for the services you have agreed with, including sending documents and invoices for work. For this service we request the necessary information with your consent. Which information this is, depends on the agreed service. These personal data may be: name,adress, city –data, your sex, your citizen service number and other information on your ID, your date- and place of birth, your marital status, the personal data of your familymembers. Sometimes there is also a legal obligation here to check your data, such as when legalizing your signature.

Source of processed personal data
If our office processes your personal data, that we didn’t receive from yourself, this will always be done in the context of the assignment given to us. The source of this data will be one of the following:

  • Basic Registration Persons (BRP) in connection with your data in the deed or notarial statement;
  • Public registers, including the registers of the Land Registry, the Chamber of Commerce, the register of marriages, the register of the estate and the central (life) wills register;
  • Broker or other advisor in connection with a purchase agreement in which you are one of the parties, of which we have received an (indirect) assignment as an office to perform the (legal) tasks;
  • Accountant or other advisor in connection with a disposition of property or marital conditions in which you are a party, from which we have received an (indirect) assignment as an office to execute the (statutory);
  • Dod Direkt, the notarial deeds must be transferred to a central repository after 30 years (allowed after 20 years).

Pass on your personal data
Our office will only pass on your personal data to others (third parties) if this is legally required or if this is really necessary to carry out the work.
Our office provides personal data to the following recipients:

  • Land register
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Tax and other register holders.
  • Advised or brokers appointed by you
  • The Royal Notarial Professional Organization

Personal data are not passed on by our office outside the EU or to an international organization.

Save your personal data
Your personal data is not retained by our office for longer than necessary for the purpose for which it was collected, for the performance of statutory duties and the fulfillment of legal obligations or the execution of agreements (eg limitation periods). Retention periods from statutory provisions such as the Notaries Act and the Public Records Act apply. Notarial deeds are eternally preserved.

Your rights regarding to your personal data processed by us
If your personal data are processed by our office, you can use the following rights on the basis of the General Data Protection Regulation. You do this by submitting  (preferably written) a request via the contact details from this privacy statement. Before we grant your application, we will first identify you on the basis of a valid proof of identity.

Right of inspection of the data subject
You can always request which personal data our office processes, for what purpose it is and how long it will be stored. There may be a legal basis that prevents us from responding to your request, we will assess this and inform you about this.

Right to rectification
If you believe that certain data have not been processed correctly, you have the right to request rectification of these data. If this concerns data in a notarial deed, this is not possible and a new deed must be drawn up in addition to the incorrect deed.

Right to data change (right to ‘forgetfulness’)
If you want your personal data to be deleted, you can submit a request for this. If the information is in a notarial deed, the notary may not remove it.

Right to restriction of processing
If you want to limit the processing of personal data by our office (pending the rectification of your personal data requested by you, objected to processing or because you do not want data to be deleted even though the processing is unlawful) you can submit a request.

Right to transfer data
If your personal data are not processed for a notarial deed and you wish to transfer the personal data to another service provider, you can submit a request for this. Such a transfer is not always possible, however, since legal notarial duties can oppose this.

Possible restrictions on the exercise of your rights based on the General Data Protection Regulation
Our office makes every effort to comply with your rights on the basis of the General Data Protection Regulation. However, it is possible that these rights are in conflict with other statutory provisions such as the Notarial Law Act. If the notary can not meet one of the aforementioned requests for that reason, you will be informed of this in writing.

Complaints about the processing of your personal data by our office
If you have complaints about the processing of personal data by our office, please let us know via You also have the right to file a complaint with the supervisory authority, the Dutch Data Protection Authority. You can go to the website for this.